Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catching Up With Life

Now that the basketball season is over, I am finding it much easier to get caught up with reading, and I'm even finding it easier to edit again. Being a member of Squad 6 really takes a toll on the body and mind, especially when you get as into the games as I am. Now, I'm not the kind of fan to remember stats - don't need to, they're all recorded down on the Bucks website and in media guides should I ever want to make comparisons. I'm the kind of fun who can get very emotionally invested in a game and can be very dejected after a loss, especially if I think the Bucks could have won it.

I'm happy to say that it didn't happen in the post season play though. Sure, I got loud and cheered and wanted them to win and was upset when they didn't win, but I couldn't stay mad because this team went farther than expected and played better than expected. They were never really out of the games, it just came down to the fact that, without Center Andrew Bogut, we needed everyone to be on top of their game every game in the playoffs. Well, these guys are human and to get mad at them for having an "off" game is counterproductive and really doesn't accomplish anything.

It was such a great experience being part of Squad 6 and I'd love to be back next year, if they'd have me! I'll either find a new wig, or color my hair red next year. My red wig fell apart towards the end of the season, looking more like some animal's nest than a person's hair, so it had to be retired and I took to dying my hair with hair paint. I just might find a way to color it brighter where it lasts a bit longer and won't come off on my clothes! lol!


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