Friday, October 23, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have been catching up to the current episode of GH and am doing a happy dance that Jonathon Jackson will be returning as Lucky!!! 

For all those skeptics out there, Jonathon Jackson played the role since he was very young.  In fact, if you've seen the movie, Deep End of the Ocean, then you'll know just how good he always has been.  Jonathon Jackson has been up on the big screen in several big movies. He was in Camp Nowhere, a truly classic kids creating havoc movie and one of my favorites, and not because of Jonathon Jackson, but because of who is in the movie with him.  Genie Francis and Jonathon Frakes play the parents of one of the girls at the camp.  Realizing that this was his first movie roll, I'm convinced that's how he got cast as Lucky.  But he was terrific and has grown into a terrific actor.

What makes Jonathon Jackson so great?  Well, when I see him in his movies, even though I can say, "Hey, that's Lucky Spencer," soon after that, his acting makes me completely forget about Lucky and become absorbed into his current character.  Not once have I been able to do that with Greg Vaughn.  No matter what he did in the past couple of years as Lucky Spencer, I still could not get his character "Dan" from Charmed out of my mind because he played the two characters so similarly.  

As it seems to be GH's way of bringing Lucky and Elizabeth back together, I'm very curious about that beginning scene where he says, "Hi.  Remember me?"  Part of me wonders if it's a joke some sort of role-playing - as in let's start over from some point, or if there is some connection to Jonathon Jackson's return and Helena's so-called brush with Valentine Cassadine.  

Another reason I am glad to see Jonathon Jackson return?  Well, I'm so sick of seeing Lucky played as this constantly angry man.  That was never Lucky's demeanor.  In fact, as far as I recall, Luke and Lucky had resolved all those angry feelings when Lucky was younger because Luke felt just awful about not realizing the truth and Lucky understood and, if I remember right, forgave his father.  And I believe that's how Luke remembers it too.  

Jonathon Jackson has such a range of acting skills.  I am actually going to like Lucky again and I can see that Lucky and Elizabeth will have their onscreen chemistry again!  To be honest, even though they are trying to make Nicholas a partner for Elizabeth, the only other character that Elizabeth had any really visible onscreen chemistry with was Jason, but even that wasn't completely convincing because they just didn't seem to really fit together.  

This stems back to my previous post.  Onscreen chemistry, couples either have it or they don't.  

As much as I hate Claudia, I'm going to hate to see her go because Sarah Brown and Maurice Benard have some great chemistry together.  Maybe, they'll kill Claudia off, ditch Laura Wright as Carly and replace her with Sarah Brown and then put Sonny and Carly together again, because you fellow watchers of GH have to realize that this baby is probably really Sonny's kid.  I'll laugh if the kid is born with dark hair.  And, I still think that Michael is really Jason's kid.  We all know that the Quartermaines can rig all the DNA tests they want...  I like Drew Garrett as Michael.  He's done a great job and has worked his way into the role.   Well done for him, and did you notice how much Michael now resembles Jason?  Sign of things to come, I say!  

I'm really enjoying the storyline of Dominic/Dante more than I thought I would.  I'm really enjoying the twists they have with the mob stuff.  Oooh, the more Sonny and Jason, the better!  I'm liking Johnny Zacchara a lot too!  I'm glad that him and Olivia are working to get back together, I really like them.  

Olivia's hair has a slight wave to her hair in Thursday's episode and I like it much better than the her straight hair.  I don't know, it does something for her.  

I was worried there for a bit about GH, but they're getting things together.  I seriously hope they do not make Elizabeth have Nicholas' kid.  That's just way too unfair to Lucky.  Three kids that aren't really his?  Time to stop with that storyline, it's been used way too much.  Let's just let Lucky and Elizabeth (now that Jonathon Jackson is back) work their way back to each other.