Monday, February 6, 2012

Bell's Palsy and Neck Pain - Part 2

Part 2 - Treatment with Medication 

Okay, when I found out my MRI was clear and that it "was safe to call it Bell's Palsy" - no, this is not a definitive diagnosis because there are no clear indicators what's causing the facial paralysis. However, what else do you call 7th nerve facial paralysis?

One of my first concerns with all this happened to be the other meds I take. I needed to know if it was safe to take Mucinex-D, Allegra, naproxen sodium, as well as the other supplements I take while taking prednisone.

Turns out that it's safe to do so.

I've been taking Mucinex-D, Allegra, naproxen sodium and the following supplements before I was even diagnosed with this:

CoQ-10 100mg
Acidophilus 1 capsule
Cinnamon 1,000mg
Milk Thistle 175mg
Vitamin E 400 IU
Flax Seed Oil 1000mg
Cranberry 450mg

As of yesterday, I started using Triple Strength Cranberry which has 2000mg (2 g) per capsule as well as 100mg Vitamin C (167% daily value) and 10% of Vitamin E and Vitamin D3 (400 IU). Flax Seed Oil provides a source of Omega 3's (rather than fish oil), and I'm strongly considering adding in a Vitamin B complex. I briefly contemplated adding Zinc, but if I do, it would have to a small dose because it does seem to be in enough of what I eat that I shouldn't be deficient in it, but one never knows...

I added a B-Complex, but it seems like it might have been too strong of a dose, so I think I'll be looking to cut it down a bit to a level that makes sense for my body.

I finished my second round of antibiotics on Saturday February 4th and the prednisone a day or two before that. I had been worried that the prednisone made my facial nerve recovery possible, but now that I take in the whole picture - then up to now - I see that the likely impetus behind the quick recovery of my facial nerves would be the antibiotics.

Unfortunately, while I've made great progress while on the azithromycin, I didn't make any headway on the Amoxicillin and the infection got really out of hand. It got to the point that my breathing was terrible. The prednisone helped a ton, which is why I had some misconceptions about it, but it wasn't the cure all I first thought, which is why I had to get a stronger antibiotic.

I'm not completely healed, and I'm worried that I might start to backslide now that I'm done with the azithromycin. I believe that because, while I felt great enough to play disc golf on Saturday (mild pain in my right ear only), by Sunday morning I was feeling pain in my left ear and the pain in my right ear sort of picked up again. I ended up sleeping all day. I feel better, but I still feel a mild pain/congestion in my left ear. Since I'm feeling it in both ears, I know the infection isn't completely gone. However, because it improved so drastically while I took the azithromycin, I know I can get better with another round of antibiotics.
I'm almost there, just not 100% yet.

If what I've learned means anything, the key is keeping that nerve down.

Here's what I mean. Saturday night, I felt it flare up - in fact it kept me up a bit Saturday night and I had to ice it down. Then, I noticed a return of some of the pressure, etc. on the nerve and a small amount of tingles returned to face.

The connection between the infection/facial nerves and the effectiveness of the antibiotics can't be ignored. At this point, especially because the infection isn't completely gone, I do not believe waiting to see what happens is the right option.

I'm going to call the specialist and ask for another round of antibiotics because I'm tired of feeling sick, and I would love to be healthy - or damn close to it - by Valentine's Day.

I guess what it boils down to is that a "wait and see" approach just doesn't work for me, especially when a treatable infection is involved. It got as bad as it did in the first place because I was "waiting to see" if my body could deal with it and obviously it can't deal with this thing on its own...


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RyDeR-> said...

Hi Carrie

I too have had Bells Palseyy over 2years ago, i stil however get regular neck and facial pains up til today. I recovered 100% from the initial case back in 2009. Could you perhaps forward your Doctor or specialists details to me, as i would like some answers to this persistant annoyance.

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Thank You In Advance :)

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