Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bucks vs Lakers

Twitter and Facebook were very active Wednesday night after the Bucks played the Lakers. 


Well, the NBA officiating came under fire and close scrutiny.  For whatever reason, it seems that the NBA officials do not like the Milwaukee Bucks this year as evidenced by the fact that our opponents seem to get more foul calls than we do.  

Can someone please explain to me how a guy can run down the court, leap off the court using his own feet, fly through the air and land untouched in between two Bucks and still get a foul call?  There wasn't one there, but yet the Lakers got to the line.  

Of course the one most of the tweeters were commenting on was the blatant charge that was called a block on Bogut.   That was not a block.  It was a charge.  What made this situation even worse was that the refs appeared to take their lead from Kobe.  

Hello!  I thought the refs were supposed to be independent of the players?  Why are they looking to Kobe for direction here?  (Note: I didn't see this, but that's what all of the people who watched it on TV noticed and commented about it.)  

Okay, didn't the NBA just have issues about a ref fixing games for cash?  Well, I think that more investigating is needed because the officiating that has happened in Milwaukee has definitely indicated that there are some refs making shady calls.  

Time to clean house and get new refs who know how to call a game fair!  No more discriminating star treatment!  All games and all players should be treated equally by league officials.  I don't care if it's your first game or your last or if your a star, if you commit a foul, it should be called, and if someone fouls you (no matter who you are, rookie or not), it should be called.  The game should be called the same for all four quarters.  No exceptions.  

Time to fix this problem NBA Commissioner, or the NBA itself will start to lose its fans and eventually teams!!!!!!!  Less teams = Less endorsements = Less money!!!!  


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